Sex and Tantra Workshop Safety


• If the workshop agenda includes intimate touch, ask the facilitators if they address the subject of STDs prior to any intimate touch exercise - regardless of the suggested degree of engagement. Sexual health is­sues may be addressed through group education and discussion, and handouts. All participants are personally responsible for their own safety and sexual health, AND workshop facilitators have a responsibility to create an atmosphere that provides the highest possible level of safety regarding all health issues, both emotional and physical.

• Ask if the workshop space will have a 'safe zone' – a designated spot for any participants who choose to opt out of any exercise, with no explanations required.


• Inquire if there will be trained assistants available to offer individual support or grounding if needed during the workshop, and also the participant/assistant ratio.

• Ask the facilitators if they (or their trained assistants) will be available for crisis, trauma, or personal safety support, if needed, during any portion of the workshop where participants are encouraged to pair off to practice exercises outside of the workshop space. Will assistance be available in person or through a phone call?

• Ask the facilitators if they will be available for any emotional processing after the workshop.

• Be aware of the power of group encouragement. Find your words, speak your truth, and trust your intui­tion. Remember that at any time you can say NO. If there is hesitance, err on the safe side.

• Effective workshop exercises are often very heart opening, which activates personal radiance and energy magnetism. Both promote pairing. Be aware that you are not experiencing all facets of another participant. If you explore relationship potential after the workshop, allow yourself time to get to know the whole person.

Please trust your intuition and act accordingly.

There are many types of teachers, many modes of teach­ing, and many opportunities. Give your exploration and decision making process whatever time it takes, and honor your needs.

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