Kink Up Your Sex Life '50 Shades Of Grey' Style


Kink Up Your Sex Life '50 Shades Of Grey' Style
Sex toys and light bondage gear as mentioned in "50 Shades of Grey". Kink up your sex life!

Want something visually kinky that is versatile and looks very kinky? How about some Fetish Tape that Christian Grey keeps in his "Red Room" for tying up pretty, submissive girls like Anastasia? This fetish tape can be used for bondage..... but it's so versatile ... you can even use it to make a temporary mini dress or halter top. The tape sticks to itself and has no adhesive on it. So you can use it over and over again. It comes in super hot kinky colors like red, hot Pink, black and blue.

Anastasia mentions Nipple Clamps, spanking gear like paddles and floggers which seem to scare Ana a little bit. But, we do find out pretty early on that she does enjoy being bent over Christian's knee for a good bare handed spanking when she disobeys.


I have not read the second and third books in the trilogy, but I have heard there are mentions of sex furniture like the Fetish Sex Stool, the Liberator postion pillows like the ramp and we can't forget the good old standard fuzzy love cuffs. (Though I am sure Christian Grey would frown on the soft, fuzzy part of these kinky hand cuffs.)

My intuition tells me that these "submissive" themes and scenarios in the 50 Shades trilogy appeals to American women for a variety of reasons. And, I think part of it may be sort of cliche... but sometimes it's a super hot fantasty to let go of all of the control we have do deal with on a daily basis. It's a fun fantasy to imagine a man (in this case a billionaire) helping us to find sex clothese, shoes and who creates scenarios where we can do out dressed like a total slut.

It's very POWERFUL to give up the power and just be used for SEX. It can be a very erotic fantasy to just exist for someone else's pleasure and I think that American women have this "Super Mommy" pressure to have a clean home, a great job, well behaved kids, a rich family life, be fit and sexy and do it all. This book allows women to imagine giving up all of that control to a very "agro" type who has the money and who can help us to lose ourselves in his sex slave fantasy.

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That's just my opinion, though. What do you think? Why do you love "50 Shades" and why do you think it's so popular right now?

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