The Many Facets of Tantra


The correlation between Tantra and Shamanism is the use of ecstatic techniques to contemplate wholeness independent of religious philosophy.

Non-Duality in a Nutshell
Have you ever had the mystical sense that we are all one? Do you remember the last time you felt totally connected? That is the essence of Advaita, or non-dual Tantric philosophy. Advaita is a Sanskrit word meaning “not two.” It maintains that all matter, regardless of its distinctly different properties, may appear to be separate but is still connected to the whole of existence.


In Tantra we explore polarities of male/female, giving/receiving, active/passive, self/other, mind/body, naughty/nice, duality/non-duality to lead us to greater levels of truth. In Tantra, instead of seeing the body as opposite of spirit, the body is accepted as a spiritual vessel. Sexual excitement carries with it the divine impulse for two to become one.

Paying attention to every subtlety of every moment is mindfulness. Tantra is experiential so ask yourself, what are you thinking right now? What part of your body are you aware of right now? What is happening to you right now? …and how about now? Each of these separate awareness’s bring greater connection to abundance of creativity and love.

If you were to ask Baba Dez what Tantra is, he might outstretch his arms as if he was offering a big embrace and reply, “Tantra encompasses every aspect of living. Tantra is about how we live, how we breathe, eat, sleep, work, play and love. It is about everything. And the practice of Tantra is a practice of living life in a way that creates power and magic and divinity. It is any practice that supports us in our divinity.”

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