5 Major Turn Ons For Men


5 Major Turn Ons For Men
Be one step ahead of him all the time.

If you are serious about improving your love life as well as surprising your man in the bedroom, then it's obviously a good idea to find out what turns him on. The thing is that different guys get turned on by different things. (If you want to learn my best dirty talking tips & techniques for building sexual tension and turning him on, you'll find them in this powerful video.)

Some guys love to be the dominant partner in bed, while others like to be totally submissive. Most however like both: sometimes being the dominant partner, sometimes being the more submissive partner. As well as being either dominant or submissive, there are literally hundreds of different kinks and fetishes that your man might get incredibly turned on by. He might love to see you dress up in sexy, skimpy clothing or he might like when you dress up as his favorite video game character or maybe he likes nothing more than when you lick his toes — seriously! There really are hundreds of different fetishes.


As there is such a variation to what a guy gets turned on by that I'm going to split up this article into 2 sections. The first is going to cover all the usual things that turn on 99% of guys. The second part will cover how to find out your man's specific kinks and fetishes. Let's start with the usual things that turn guys on.

1. A Dirty Mouth: I'm not talking about having dirt in your mouth, I mean talking dirty to your man. It's a really great way to turn your man on. There are ton of different ways to talk dirty to your man depending on what you are most comfortable with. You can take the wild route by being really explicit and descriptive when talking dirty to your man, by basically saying the most nasty, trashy things you can think of. Doing this when you are both alone will make sex way hotter for both of you.

But you can take the complete opposite route when talking dirty too. If you want, you can be really polite and not explicit at all. Here are a few examples of being polite with your dirty talk.

  • "When I get you back to your room, I'm going to give you something you've only ever dreamed of."
  • "I bet that no matter how hard you try, you can't guess what color bra I'm wearing."
  • "If I didn't have to go to work today, I'd totally spend the whole day in bed with you."

If you are looking for a complete guide on how to talk dirty to your man with confidence, then you will probably be interested in this detailed video tutorial on how to talk dirty.

2. Have I Mentioned Oral Sex Yet? This pretty much goes without saying, but guys absolutely adore getting oral sex. A huge amount of guys even prefer getting a blow job to regular sex. So if you are truly serious about turning him on, then you should start learning some decent oral sex techniques. You might be interested in checking out this very powerful video on giving your man great oral sex to learn some more advanced techniques to use on him.

3. Tell Him What You Like: Telling your man what you like and enjoy him doing in bed serves 2 purposes. It lets him know what techniques and positions get you off the most while at the same time it massages your man's ego in a subtle way. Massaging your man's ego is an incredibly powerful thing you can do when finding out what turns men on. So if you like him making love to you in a certain position or using a certain technique or kissing you in a certain way, then let him know. But don't just say, "I like that." Describe in detail what it is about it that turns you on, and try to use as much detail as possible.

4. Take The Initiative: Another thing that few people figure out on there own when learning what turns their man on is that taking a little bit of control and initiating things is really hot for your man. So if you man is usually the one who starts things in the bedroom, then without mentioning it to him, change things up and be the one who initiates things. You'll be able to see the surprise and delight in your man's eyes.

5. Find Out His Kinks And Fetishes: If you want to truly turn your man on in a way that no other woman can, then you need to find out his kinks and fetishes. But for guys, these are often something really personal and private. Guys are usually super nervous and shy about revealing them to anyone. So if you surprise him and directly ask him what really turns him on and what his kinks are, then he'll try to dodge the question. So my first advice is to avoid asking him about them directly.

Instead, I suggest that you be quite indirect about them. Wait until you are both being intimate in bed. Right before sex is the perfect time. Start by telling your man about some of your tamer kinks and turn ons. If could be him being very aggressive in bed or him going down on you. Then if he seems to like hearing about them, move on telling him about your deeper fantasies and turn ons. After talking about your kinks for a while, then it's time to find out his. Rather than asking him really directly about what his turn ons are, be indirect. Try phrasing it like these examples:

  • "I bet you love it when I'm dominant and in control in the bedroom."
  • "Do you prefer me going down on you or using my hands?"

Once he starts opening up, he'll hopefully volunteer his turn ons to you. But if he doesn't open up, then start to explore further with more indirect questions like these:

  • "I have a sneaking suspicion that you'd like to see me with another girl."
  • "I bet that you'd get really turned on by doing it in public."

If you enjoyed learning about what turns guys on and want to learn more techniques, tactics and tips for pleasing him, then you may be interested in watching this detailed video tutorial on giving your man great oral sex. It will teach you pretty much everything you need to know on how to please your man with your mouth.

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