25 Sexting Examples & Ideas For Awesome Phone Sex


25 Sexting Examples & Ideas For Awesome Phone Sex
These 25 Sexting Examples Will Have Your Man Aroused, Turned On And Obsessed With You!

Many people make a major mistake when sexting someone...Let me explain this mistake in the simplest terms. They find a resource like the sexting examples you are about to read. They then use a few of my sexting ideas and realise that they work well. They then use some more. Eventually all they do is sext and never bother to just send normal text messages anymore.

This is very similar to...using spices when cooking. A little makes almost any food taste a lot better. The problem is that some people think that using as much spice as they can fit on top of the dish will make it taste even better. You already know that this isn't true. It would end up tasting absolutely disgusting.


This is why sexting and spices are very similar. They both work incredibly well in small doses. However if you use sexting too much and too often, it loses it's power. Worse still it can ruin your relationship.

Now it's time for the sexting examples. I decided to divide them into 3 sections. Easy Sexting, Hot Sexting and Explicit Sexting. Like I said previously, if you are in a new relationship and are just starting to sext, then use the less explicit sext examples from the first section first. Ok, here goes...

Easy Sexting

  1. Can't wait to kiss you later!
  2. I don't why, but all I want to do is hug you right now
  3. I love the way you walk
  4. I was dreaming about you last night...so hot!
  5. Feeling you wrap your arms around me makes me tingly
  6. I swear, you're like a drug.
  7. I think we're going to have a lot of fun together ;)
  8. I love smelling of you on me, so good

Hot Sexting

  1. I wish I could just spend a whole day naked together with you.
  2. You better wear those tight jeans tonight, I need to see your ass in them!
  3. I'm going to kiss you from head to toe later ;)
  4. Why I am stuck in work, when I could be in bed with you...so frustrating!
  5. Why don't I cook dinner tonight...I really think you are gonna like dessert
  6. What have you done to me!? I don't normally need a guy like this!
  7. Guess what I am wearing right now
  8. I've got a very hot, nasty, filthy surprise for you later...I have a funny feeling you'll like it.

Explicit Sexting

  1. You're the first person that's ever had me dripping getting INTO the shower!
  2. I'm hungry...Come feed me. BTW, it's not food I want ;)
  3. Wow, I never thought that you would make for such good masturbation material!
  4. I can't wait to feel you on me. So. Dam. Good.
  5. I need it. Now.
  6. Looking forward to having you later
  7. Would you be mad if I cooked for you in lingerie?
  8. Can't wait for you to dominate me later, looking forward to being your submissive slave
  9. All this texting is getting me worked up and frustrated, get over here, now!

So there you have it, 25 very hot sexting examples to use on your man. Don't feel like you have to send them exactly as I written here. Feel free to adapt, change and alter them as you see necessary.

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