4 Sexy Ways To Role-Play

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Be ready to have a whole lot more fun tonight.

Today, I am going to teach you four really awesome role-play ideas you can try out with your partner to spice things up, explore your fantasies and generally just have a lot more fun when it comes to love-making. (If you want to learn my best dirty talking tips and techniques for building sexual tension and turning him on, you’ll find them in this powerful video)

But before I teach you each of these role-playing ideas, I want to quickly cover three very important different factors so that you get the most out of each of these role play ideas with your partner. Try out the role play ideas that turn you on the most. This sounds obvious, but the sad thing is many couples get stuck in the mainstream, because they are afraid to try what really turns them on. So if you aren't particularly excited about the most common, "mainstream" role-plays like the doctor-patient role-play, then forget about them and start trying out things that really turn you on.

Try experimenting with your partner. In addition to focusing mainly on the role-play ideas that turn you on the most, make sure to do some experimentation. You'll be surprised to find that certain role-plays you never thought much about before are highly erotic and arousing for you and your man. You're going to find that a good amount of role-play ideas fall into the category of dominance and submission (D/s) where one of you is going to take on the dominant role, while the other is going to be in the submissive role. So if you enjoy D/s play, then you will love roleplaying with your man. With these three tips in mind, lets learn some really fun role playing scenarios and ideas.

1. The Working Girl: The working girl role-play scenario takes on many forms but the basic idea behind it is that you need to earn money from your man by doing exactly what he wants. This could take the form of being his personal stripper, escort or even maid. So he gets to tell you what to do but you get to charge him for it. He needs to start by telling you what to wear for your appointment with him. It could be a sexy dress, lingerie or nothing at all. Remember, it's his choice, but you get to charge him for it. You can meet him at home or if you want to start somewhere more public, try meeting him at a classy bar. When you meet, remind him that you are working, but if he is willing to pay he can get some "extra special" attention. Then when you bring him home, you can give him the oral sex of his life. Use some of these powerful tips to make your blow job really special.

2. Naked Maid: The naked maid is a role-playing idea where you are going to be in a submissive position, while your man is going to be watching and directing you during it. If your man has voyeuristic or domination fantasies, then he will love this one. And if you love the idea of being watched by someone, then you will love it too. All you are going to be doing is cleaning your house/apartment, but you're going to do it while naked. The whole time, your man will be directing you around the house/apartment telling you what to scrub and clean. Maybe he feels that the floor needs more attention and wants you to get down on your hands and knees to clean it properly or perhaps he'd like to see you working with a feather duster. Whatever it is, it's up to him to decide. You don't necessarily need to be fully naked for this role-play idea, you can also do it wearing lingerie or even a maids costume. And don't forget to switch roles too!

3. Cop And Criminal: This next role-play idea is very fun if you like the idea of dishing out some punishment or being the one on the receiving end of some punishment from your man. If you want to be the one dishing out the punishment, then obviously, you're going to be the cop and the person who wants to be on the receiving end is going be the criminal. If you are the cop, then you need to start off the fantasy by catching your man in the act of doing something naughty, bold or even criminal. Then you need to decide what to do to him for punishment.

  • Tie him up and spank him?
  • Strip him naked?
  • Be the corrupt cop who demands favors from him in return for freedom?

These are just a few ideas of what you can do with your man to punish him, but feel free to experiment with other ideas of your own. You might also like the idea of trying out restraints/handcuffs to take this role play to the next level.

4. Sleepy Eyes Surprise: This next role-play idea is not for everybody, but it can be super fun if you like the idea of either you or your man being really passive during sex. You are going to pretend to be asleep, while your partner is going to start having sex with you. Remember, though, that this is a consensual role play, so make sure to discuss it with your partner first. If you are going to be the passive one, then all you need to do is just lie down and go limp so that your man can easily manipulate your arms and legs to start having sex with you. The goal of the active partner is to try make the passive one moan loudly.

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