4 Incredible Tips On How To Have Better Sex


4 Incredible Tips On How To Have Better Sex
Improve your love life with these explosive sex tips.

1. Coital Alignment Technique 
The coital alignment technique is incredibly similar to the regular missionary position except for a few key differences. So to start you are going to need to get set up in the missionary position as you usually would. But instead of your man thrusting into you, he is going to remain quite deep inside you throughout. Instead of thrusting in and out he will be grinding up and down on your clitoris and be in constant contact with your pubic bone, which is perfect for lots of clitoral stimulation.

2. Anvil Position 
The anvil sex position is great if you like it deep from your man. All you need to do is start in the regular missionary position. From here, you need to lift your legs up and back towards yourself while trying your best to keep them straight. Your man will be on his knees and leaning over you while penetrating which means that he can rest his weight on your legs, keeping you pinned to the bed.


Sex Is No Fun Without Sexual Tension
A massive problem people have when trying to figure out how to have better sex, and generally improve in the bedroom, is that they think about it logically. This might make sense at first, but it's crucial that you don't ignore the emotional aspect of sex. Can you remember that feeling where you wanted to just jump your man? Where you could feel the sexual tension just building and building? It's hot, frustrating, fun, and a massive turn on. This sexual tension is key if you want to keep your sex life interesting and fun.

The key to building sexual tension with your man is to NOT give in immediately. So this means teasing each other, talking dirty and letting him know what's on your mind when you're both in a situation where neither of you can act.

The Switch Up aka Variation
When you fall into a routine in your sex life you are not going to be building sexual tension with your man and there definitely isn't going to be any variation. Variation is crucial for your sex life (as well as every single other aspect of your life). So you need to start thinking about varying what types of positions you use in the bedroom and where you have sex. Most importantly, you need to think about what types of oral sex techniques you are using on your man.

If you are using the same 1 or 2 techniques over and over again, then you can be sure you man will get bored of them. But if you want to learn more techniques and learn exactly how to blow his mind when you go down on him, then you may want to watch this tutorial video.

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