How To Finger Yourself To Orgasm: 5 Self Pleasure Tips


How To Finger Yourself To Orgasm: 5 Self Pleasure Tips
These five tips will help you have the best orgasm of your life!
  • Circular Motion — Some find that they enjoy a gentle circular motion over their clitoris the most, while others enjoy brushing all their fingers over and back on it. The key is doing a little experimentation to discover what you enjoy the most and focus on that. In other words, zone in of what feels most pleasurable. Rubbing your clitoris like this can be the all you need to orgasm but if you want to try other techniques, keep reading.
  • On The Side — Gently running your fingers up and down the sides of your vagina, over the inner and outer labia is also incredibly pleasurable, especially if you are using some lube. For some women, they can orgasm from this alone, but not everyone can. You may want to file this technique under 'fingering foreplay'.
  • Time To Enter — The next technique to use when learning how to finger yourself is entering your vagina with your finger. Before you do this though, make sure that your finger is sufficiently lubricated otherwise you risk hurting yourself. Enter slowly and as always, focus on what feels most pleasurable. If you find it incredibly uncomfortable, then stop! But if you find it enjoyable, then focus on maintaining and enhancing that enjoyable feeling. Do a little experimentation, by pressing and massaging the sides of your vagina as well bringing your finger in and out of your vagina.

4. Sometimes You Need To Push
As you use each of the techniques I have described to finger yourself, you will start to notice that the pleasure builds and builds. This 'building feeling' feels different to everyone. Some women report that they feel as if tension is building up inside them, while others report that feel they feel liking peeing (seriously)!

The point I'm trying to make is that this 'building feeling' is good and it's a sign that your body is enjoying it. So keep going and embrace it as you're fingering yourself. Eventually, you'll reach a point where the pressure of this feeling will reach a peak and you will orgasm. The specific techniques that you use to actually reach orgasm don't matter. What matters is that you enjoy yourself, even if you don't actually orgasm.


5. Keep Trying New Things
Now that you know how to finger yourself to orgasm, it's time to start learning more great ways to keep your sex life satisfying. That's why I have put together this detailed tutorial video that will teach you how to talk dirty to your man so that he keeps lusting after you. If you are more interested in something that's a little kinkier, then you'll find this instructional video where I show you exactly what to do to give your man awesome oral sex very helpful too. 

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