How To Be Sexy: 5 Insanely Powerful Techniques


Sex: How To Be Sexy For Your Man
It's okay if you weren't born this way. These five tips will help you be AND feel sexy!

Do you wish to be sexier but think it's not possible? It's not! Don't fall into the trap of thinking that you have to be born sexy. The truth is that anyone can learn how to become sexy. The only problem with learning how to be sexy for your man is that there is so much bad advice out there, whether it's from some celebrity who happens to be 5' 10" and naturally gifted in the looks department or some 60 year old psychologist who rarely leaves his office.

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So you probably want a quick start guide on how to be sexy. You're in luck because it's something that I'm going to go into in great detail. Read on to learn the 5 things that you can do immediately to become more sexy in your appearance and your actions.

1. Slow Down & Accentuate
Without a doubt, the most powerful thing you can do right now to instantly boost your sex appeal is to slow down. When I say slow down, I mean slow down your movements and your speech, not your thinking!

So instead of rushing down the hallway everywhere you go, slow down and accentuate your movements. It's surprisingly simple and easy to do, yet it will dramatically improve your sex appeal instantly. Another example is when you are talking to someone and are making a point. Waving your arms about quickly and erratically may help to win your argument but to be perfectly honest, it isn't particularly sexy and usually isn't needed anyway.

The same applies to how fast you talk. Don't ever feel like you have to get every word out of your mouth as quickly as possible. Slowing down how fast you talk by just 10% is a really fabulous way to become more sexy.

WARNING: Now, a lot of people may be thinking that they should walk as slowly as possible or talk as slowly as possible to become more sexy. This isn't quite right. There is a fine line that you need to judge for yourself. Usually slowing down your movements and how fast you talk down by about 10% is perfect. Anymore and you may seem stoned!

2. Don't Be Afraid To Make Strong Eye Contact
If you want to learn how to be sexier, you shouldn't have to trade your dignity and self worth for it, ever. That's why learning how to make strong eye contact is a fantastic way to be sexy and powerful at the same time. The next time you are talking to a guy, try making strong eye contact with him as you are talking. It's a great way to say, "Hey, I'm confident and I know what I like". This is incredibly powerful and attractive to men.

But, just like with slowing your movements down, there is a fine line between powerful, sexy eye contact and weird, stalker eye contact! You are going to look like a stalker if you always make unflinching eye contact with your man, without ever breaking it. A much better and sexier way to make powerful eye contact with your man is by holding eye contact with him until he breaks it first about once every 5 mins or so while you are talking. Any more than this and he may start to feel like you are giving you are giving him the stalker vibe.

By the way, making eye contact when giving him oral sex is also super powerful and sexy. If you'd like to learn how to give your man incredible oral sex, then you may find the techniques in this tutorial video very helpful.

3. There Is A Fine Line Between Sexy & Slutty
Often people think that in order to be sexy, they need to dress in the skimpiest, most revealing and slutty clothes they can find. This certainly may attract guys, but it will attract them from the wrong reasons. Unless you are looking for a one night stand, this is not something you're going to want to do. At the same time, it is important to wear clothes that show off the best parts of your body and help to improve your overall look and attractiveness. You need to find a balance between both. The same goes for how your do your hair, make up, jewelry and shoes.

4. Don't Forget To Touch
It's no secret that guys are attracted a lot by looks. But as well as looks, another great way to attract them and get their attention in a sexy way is to touch them. Now, this doesn't mean you should be touching them at every single opportunity.

What is sexy is when you touch them sporadically. The best times to do this are as follows:

  • When you are making a point.
  • When you say hello.
  • When you say goodbye.
  • When they say something funny.

Touching a guy at any of these times is totally natural, normal and sexy. And when you do touch him, it's usually best to just touch him on the arm or back.

5. Learn How To Build Sexual Tension
The last tip that I have for you on how to be sexy is to learn how to effectively build sexual tension. This is something I cover in great depth in this instructional video on talking dirty to build sexual tension. This is actually a lot more powerful than any of the other techniques as it's what will keep guys thinking about you when you're not around.

The easiest way to build sexual tension is through teasing your guy, playfighting and generally having fun, all the while maintaining fun and interesting hobbies in your spare time. This is the perfect way to let your man know that you are awesome to be around, like being around him, but don't necessarily need him. In other words, you are saying, "Hey, I like you and I like hanging out with you. But you need to be equally awesome, if I am going to keep hanging out with you."

If you enjoyed learning these 5 tips on how to be sexy, but want a true sex masterclass and learn how to give your man a perfect blow job, then you may want to watch this video. It will show you pretty much everything you need to know on how to blow his mind with your oral skills.

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