The Three "Friends" That Will Destroy Your Marriage


The Three "Friends" That Will Destroy Your Marriage
It's good to have lots of friends, but it's better to have friend that are good for your marriage.

2. The “friend” who makes sexually oriented comments and jokes. It’s not uncommon for sexually tinged words to be exchanged in conversation, particularly online or in texts. Everyone enjoys a flattering teases or comment about how attractive, sexy, or desirable he or she is. And maybe on a rare occasion, such words from a friend could lift your spirits. But if a friend is continually addressing your sex appeal, even in subtle ways, then it’s time to question his or her motives. 

3. The “friend” who paws you. Some people are just more affectionate than others; they love to hug and kiss, even pat other on the butt every now and then. That might be fine for them but it isn’t fine for your relationship. The next time you friend grabs at your butt, remind him or her that, while the love for your partner knows no bounds, there are definite boundaries for love of a friend!



Good friends respect your physical and emotional connection to your significant other. These people foster a positive relationship between you and your partner; they don’t get in the way. When it comes to individuals who don’t know how to stay within the limits of healthy friendships, the best course of action is to steer clear. Delete them from your lives; only add people to your list of friends if they value your relationship with your mate. Rather than seek quantity of friends seek good quality friends. Committed relationships require  that you not abide the credo, “You can never have too many friends,” but rather that you live by the wisdom of ancient Greek philosopher, Euripides: “One can judge a man by the company he keeps.”

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