Ready, Set, GO!: Holiday Shopping On A Budget


Relationship Coach: How To Organize Your Holiday Shopping
Make it your best giving season ever by planning before you hit the stores.

As we come down from the high of Black Friday weekend, shopping for holiday presents are on everyone's minds. Kohl's, Macy's, and JCPenney are open on Thanksgiving these days to lure us in for the spendiest season of the year. The average family spends $786 dollars on holiday presents, and every store is in a race for those dollars. It can get hectic and overwhelming, which is why you must get ready and be prepared for your shopping trip. Read on and learn some handy tips for making the most of your shopping trip. Want to learn how to get the best savings for your family? Ready, set, GO! 

1. Get Ready
We know, we know. You have to "make a list and check it twice," right? But how do you make your list have impact and meaning? You individualize it! Make your holiday shopping list with the recievers in mind, not yourself. That'll help you spend your money more wisely. There are 5 different ways we receive gifts based on the 5 different money personalities. They are:


  1. Some don't want you to spend a lot of money. (Savers)
  2. Some like the lavish gifts. (Spenders)
  3. Some like something different. (Risk Takers)
  4. Some like things that are practical. (Security Seekers)
  5. Some like gifts that foster your relationship. (Flyers)

And don't forget to take your loved one's Secondary Money Perspnality into consideration, too. (If you haven't already, be sure to take our Money Personality Quiz to learn more).

2. Set Expecatations
Set expectations with your spouse or significant other. If you are sharing a pocketbook then you need to be in agreement. Who is getting what and how much are you going to spend? Also, be sure to set expectations with family members. If this has been a trying money year then there is nothing wrong with a little "warning." Your warning could go something like this: "It's been a little rough this year so we are going to be going a little lighter on presents — but doesn't mean we don't love you a ton." Nothing says "Bah Humbug" more then money fights and broken expectations during the holidays.

3. Go Shopping
If you have completed "Ready and Set" you are now ready to go and enjoy buying and giving your gifts. We want you to have a great holiday season. We all know a budget is a good idea but don't forget the "other side of money" —  the relationship side. We hope and pray your money relationship brings you hope, laughter and peace this year!

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