How 5 Sandwiches Nearly Ruined A Relationship


Mix together two different money personalities with one, small, financial decision and chaos ensues!

It would be funny if it weren't so tragic. A recent CU grad and his girlfriend had been dating for almost three years and things were going very well. You could say they were "serious." Neither one had ever dated anyone else for this long. They enjoyed silly games, working out and healthy debates about editorials in the paper. They knew a lot of the same people, and were committed to finding "the one" and starting a family ... and then five roast beef sandwiches ruined everything.

The other night at an NHL Hockey game, Kim hit a wall. And while hitting walls is standard for hockey players, Kim wasn't playing. The night started out great. Dave had scored two great seats from a friend — not too close to the sweat and blood, but near enough to hear the slap of the sticks on the ice. They were enjoying the festive, party atmosphere — rowdy fans, thumping music, and frenzied anticipation of another win — and then it began.


Kim was hungry. She informed Dave she was going to get a sandwich. "No, wait. If you hold off until after the second period, you can get five sandwiches for the price of one. Don't get one now! Just wait."

"But I'm hungry now ... and I don't want five sandwiches!" exclaimed Kim.

"But, you could save some for tomorrow!" Dave rationalized.

"I don't want four sandwiches tomorrow. I want one ... now."

Cross-check! Kim felt like she'd taken a hockey stick to the head. Were they really having this same discussion, again? Dave was always trying to save money! Did he ever think of anything else? Little did she know, he thought he was thinking of her. Keep reading ...

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