Disneyland Ticket Redeemed - 30 Years Later


Disneyland Ticket Redeemed - 30 Years Later
You can make magic with your Money Personalities.

You will not believe this…my dad redeemed a 30 year old ticket at Disneyland when he took my nephew last month. I could not believe it when I heard it – I thought, “This is taking your Security Seeker Money Personality to a WHOLE new level.” Here is what happened…

Thirty years ago my dad took Steve, Dean and me to Disneyland for the weekend. It was a better deal to get a three day pass than a two day pass so that's what my Dad bought. Most of us would have just thrown away that extra day pass, but not my Dad. His Security Seeker ways saw into the future and he held onto those tickets.


Last month he redeemed that thirty-year old rain check accompanied this time by my brother, Steve’s, son. The Cast Member took the ticket with a big smile and Disney proceeded to give Grandpa, (and Grandma), and Christian a two day pass, honoring his old ticket. Talk about sunny skies! Listen to my dad tell it:


Video: Disney honors ticket - 30 years later!

My dad’s Money Personalities had a lot to do with this experience. First, his Primary Money Personality, Security Seeker, kept the ticket for thirty years! If there’s future value to be had, a Security Seeker will make sure that value is realized at some point. But his Secondary Money Personality of Risk Taker actually got them there. Who would really make the trip believing that the vintage ticket would buy them anything? A Risk Taker would.

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