All I Wanna Do, Is Hear Some Truth


How important is honesty in a relationship?

Risk Takers want to buy into “the next big thing” for the thrill of potential gains and they don’t always think to bring their spouse into the loop. Spenders love spending money to buy gifts for others, or things for themselves. They struggle with Financial Infidelity when they spend beyond agreed-upon amounts or might even keep a secret account to avoid constraints on their desire to spend. Savers might commit Financial Infidelity with a secret stockpile of cash to guard against their partner spending too much – the money may still be there, but the honesty is missing.

None of these behaviors in isolation seem devastating, but if you’re hiding or lying about money in a relationship, you’re committing Financial Infidelity.


The point of uncovering Financial Infidelity in your Money Relationship is not to point fingers or place blame. It’s a chance to understand what’s really happening in your relationship so you can get rid of any tension over money and anything that’s holding you back from a strong, healthy relationship.

Now, hopefully the level of honesty in your relationship won’t be in tomorrow’s world headlines, but making the effort to rebuild any damaged trust in your relationship is worth more than any money at stake. You can reclaim the dreams you had together when you first met, and your promise to be true.

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