4 Sugary Sweets & 4 Bah Humbugs of Gift Card Giving


4 Sugary Sweets & 4 Bah Humbugs of Gift Card Giving
Giving gift cards - Mistletoe Kiss or Miss?

Remember the last time you were carded? Stop. We mean gift-carded!
Most people in this land of plastic have either given or received at least one gift card.

The National Retail Federation reports that 6 of 10 consumers say “they’d like to receive gift cards this year.” The to-give-or-not-to-give debate rages on, but all of The 5 Money Personalities™ may benefit from buying gift cards for others.  The Flyer can grab a card on the way to the party.  A Security Seeker loves the predictability of buying a gift card – no sold-out sale item. Savers know exactly what the gift will cost and Spenders can actually stay on budget by buying cards with set dollar amounts - just avoid the “must haves” at the register.


4 Sugary sweet reasons to give gift cards:
1. Keeps you on a budget.
2. Super simple.
3. Proves to the recipient you know what they like.
4. Gives the recipient the freedom to pick what they want.

4 Some Bah Humbugs of gift cards:
1. May be perceived as impersonal.
2. Unlike holiday pounds, they can be easily lost.
3. Some banks, credit card companies, and mall cards have hidden fees, restrictions and expiration dates.
4. You may spend more because you don’t want to seem cheap. (You can hide your savings on that $50 jacket you found on sale for $25 but a $25 gift card is only worth $25.)

Your spouse loves giving you gift cards because it satisfies his Saver need to know exactly what the gift will cost, but you score too since the unique card gives your Risk Taker personality an excuse to buy something whacky from a brand, new store.

With all gifts, think of your recipient.  Would they find a gift card Sugary Sweet or would it give them a bad case of the Bah Humbugs? Considering your spouse’s Money Personality this season may bring you one step closer to a little gift under the mistletoe.

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