3 Ways To Hit Your Valentines Bull's-Eye


3 Ways To Hit Your Valentines Bull's-Eye
Gift-giving during holidays can be rough. Considering how they view money helps.

Valentine’s day can be a lot like target practice. There’s bows, some arrows, a big target looming in the distance, and often a lot of near misses leaving ugly holes around the elusive solid center.

Olympians aim for a 10-ring target face 229 feet away where the center is less than 5 inches in diameter. That’s like standing on the 25-yard line of a football field, aiming, shooting, and piercing an orange under the opposite goalpost.


Picking the perfect Valentine gift is a little like that.  You set your sights, steady yourself, and aim for the distant bull’s-eye. 

Whether you are in a new relationship or have been with your sweetheart for years, picking a gift they will love can be a challenge.  Understanding which one of The 5 Money Personalities™ they are propels you closer to your target. The way someone views money not only affects their individual spending habits, but it completely influences what types of gifts they like to receive. Some individuals really enjoy spending money and getting lots of gifts while others prefer frugality and saving, even when it comes to holidays. That distant bull’s-eye comes into sharper focus when you better understand how your sweet views money.

Observe Mr. Hood, Robin for short, as he focuses on 3 ways to successfully select the perfect gift for his love’s Money Personality.

1. On Target – Robin maintains a laser focus on his mate to stay on target with his gift. What makes her laugh? What makes her cry? Does she enjoy lavish gifts and fancy nights out? Or does she prefer a frugal find or a donation made in her name? Robin considers these things in light of his maid’s particular Money Personality, because last year, Robin learned the hard way, a Risk Taker prefers gifts associated with adventure and novelty.  Chocolates taste safe, not sweet, to a Risk Taker.

2. Lucky arrow – Robin has a lucky arrow.  One he’s been successful with in the past. Think back to the early days of your relationship. What moments, songs, places, memories stand out? Use those memories as inspiration for the perfect gift. How about trip to the spot you proposed? Your family videos compiled into one special spot on his computer? Robin’s Risk Taker sweetheart might like salsa dance lessons in honor of their first date at La Casa de Juanito’s restaurant. Aim your lucky arrow at the heart of your happiest, shared memories.

3. Whittle a little – Mr. Hood uses his skill and time to hone a one-of-a-kind arrow. Archers know that making your own arrows saves money, but more importantly it lets you experiment with all of the components until you find the exact, ideal formula for you. How can you give of yourself and use your unique talents for your Valentine this year? Do you sing? Carve? Clean? Fix? Organize? Style? Mow? Bake? Paint? Write? Listen? Massage? The perfect gift may right on target when you give of yourself for your better half.

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