3 Ways To Spend Your Tax Refund As A Couple


Tax refund
Couples don't always see eye-to-eye on money matters, so here's how to agree on your tax refund.

3. Compromise. If you are filing jointly, it would be nice to agree jointly.

You and your spouse probably have different ideas about how to use your tax refund. In fact, people will often get married to someone who views money differently than they do, their "money opposite." One spouse wants to pay off debt; the other wants to take a trip. One wants to invest for the future; the other doesn't want to be bothered with money matters. Sound familiar?


We discovered and identified 5 Money Personalities to help couples everywhere understand how they view money differently and begin to communicate positively and effectively about it. We estimate 75 percent of the population is married to a Money Personality opposite of their own. But we've seen thousands of those couples find balance and strength in that polarity when they start to communicate differently and understand one another better.

When your tax refund arrives, it is an opportunity to compromise and make sure all Money Personalities are honored. No one wants their taxes to be any more painful than they already are!

You worked hard for it, so enjoy your tax refund, together! Invest in your relationship, adjust what needs adjusting and agree to compromise on how to spend it.

Scott & Bethany Palmer are regulars on national TV and radio and speak internationally about The 5 Money Personalities™. To learn more about your Money Personality or take the free, scientific quiz to determine yours, visit TheMoneyCouple.com.

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