Mother's Day: 3 Creative Ways To Show Your Love For Mom


Mother's Day gift ideas
When choosing a gift, consider your mom's individual approach to money.

Our modern celebration of Mother's Day began with the efforts of Anna Marie Jarvis during the early 20th century. As a young girl, Anna overhead her mother praying for a "memorial day for mothers." Anna never forgot that prayer and after her mother's death in 1905, she set out to honor her mother (and mothers everywhere) with a special day. In 1910, West Virginia was the first state to honor mothers on the second Sunday of May, and Congress federally recognized the holiday in 1914.

Anna Jarvis may have shown us up by creating a federal holiday for her mom, but we can still show our moms how much they matter this year with these three tips:


1. Make Mother's Day a team effort. Get everyone in the family in on a way to show mom just how loved she is. I think it was a mother who coined the phrase "the more the merrier." (Doesn't it just sound like something a mom would say?) The grandkids could make her a fun video or record a special song or poem (money-savers love this one). Each child could add a meaningful gift to a giant basket honoring mom's favorite hobbies and interests. If your family is spread out across the country, you could get everyone together to ring her up. She'll welcome a chat with the whole family.

2. Think outside the flowers. Moms are resourceful and creative by nature—she raised you, didn't she? Now it's your turn to stun her with your creativity. Try one of these Mother's Day gift ideas (or search here for others):

  • A box of 52 favorite memories about her—one for each week of the year.
  • A "now and then" photo album, including one from when you're still a baby and she's a young mom, and one of the two of you recently.
  • A collection of favorite family recipes representing different generations with photos.
  • A table runner with all the kids' and grandkids' handprints. Keep reading...

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