3 Tips To Make This Year’s Together Vacation Best Ever


3 Tips To Make This Year’s Together Vacation Best Ever
Should we make our vacation extravagant, kick back or active?

Statistics show that the average family spends $369 per day on lodging, gas, food and fun on a vacation. Do we go simple or extravagant, kick back or active??? And let’s face it, each option has a price tag associated with it. Deciding what kind of vacation to go on can be confusing, frustrating and sometimes cause an argument between you and your loved one. Keep your Money Relationship headed in the right direction and follow these points to decide what kind of get-away will be best for your family this year:

1.  Each of the 5 Money Personalities we have identified looks at vacations differently:

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Saver - “let’s not go extravagant”
Spender - “let’s go extravagant”
Risk Taker - “let’s go somewhere different”
Security Seeker - “let’s go back to where we went last year”
Flyer - “I don’t care where we go”

Be sure to know what Money Personalities are inside of your family and treat yourself to a vacation that will satisfy them all.

2.  Try a “staycation” - You could always be a “tourist in your own town”. Turn off the ringer, don't worry about the mail and tell all your friends you are on vacation. Treat yourself to the tourist activities in your area, special meals and fun memories you usually get out of town and save a ton a money in the meantime. Make once-in-a-lifetime moments with your family without breaking the bank.

3.  Start planning now - Get your vacation on the calendar, make a reservation, arrange to take the time off of work, and start saving. We find that if a vacation is on the calendar we make it happen, one way or another -- if you wait until you have the money in hand, you’ll never go. This can be especially true for Savers who are hesitant to spend money on anything. But by making your plans now and putting away a little money every week, your vacation will not only become more affordable, but more fun!

The whole point of a healthy Money Relationship is to make sure money doesn't rule your life or your relationship. Here's to the most satisfying vacations you have ever planned!!

Make it Happen!!

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