John Mayer Got It Right


John Mayer Got It Right

My wish for you is that you’ll look forward to it rather than dreading it…either way.

After all, as the father of both a son AND a daughter, and step-dad to another son, I can tell you first hand that they’re all amazing and uniquely special in so many multi-faceted ways…as is my relationship with them.


And the truth is, all three of them—regardless of gender—will for better or worse love like Emily and I do…and that will be largely dependent on my lead as the man of the house.

Indeed, as we motored into the moonlight somewhere between Texarkana and Dallas a few nights go, our three kids—the two boys and yes, one precious girl—were sound asleep behind us.

I couldn’t help but think that with a pair of dating and relationship coaches for parents they would each get every opportunity to have a great shot at getting the male/female relationship thing right in their lives…all three of them.

And we’re certainly not only wishing the best for them, we’re all about actively demonstrating how to make that happen.

Who knows? Maybe at least one of them was just pretending to be asleep, watching Emily and I share some quality “windshield time” together…

* The "Big Four" traits that generally attract women to men are masculinity as women define it, confidence, ability to make a woman feel safe and comfortable in one's presence, and character.

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