John Mayer Got It Right


John Mayer Got It Right

She’ll understand the power of her femininity from a more holistic perspective—especially if you’ve been in her life all along to MODEL how that works in your relationship with her mother.

You’ll expect, encourage and indeed EMPOWER her to greatness rather than causing her to feel she simply needs to stay away from “getting into trouble” with boys.


In fact, if you’ve really got a solid handle on all of this, you may even look forward to her experiencing a healthy sexual relationship with a great guy someday instead of loathing it.

Look man, this may all sound preposterous, but if you’ve thought a certain way your entire life, you can’t expect to have the birth of a baby make an overnight difference.

Meanwhile, why do some dating coaches recommend going after women who have had terrible or even non-existent relationships with their fathers?

Because you can get them into bed FAST in many cases, that’s why.

Never mind the fact that such women often have equally terrible or even non-existent SELF-ESTEEM. After all, this is the “use ‘em and leave ‘em” mindset I’m referring to here.

Sure, it all may sound like the ultimate “get laid quick” genius plan right now. But you may have a daughter someday.

And daughters will love like you do.

So what’s it going to be? Are you going to view life as it happens six inches away from your face, or are you going to take the longer-term view of a much wiser man?

If the latter, your reward will be much richer…I promise.

On the other hand, as guys like David Shade begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting and I have said often, women who love and respect their dads make great partners.

A BIG PART of why a woman would indeed love and respect her dad is exactly because he didn’t imply—either consciously or subconsciously—by how he treated her that she was a “sex object”.

Instead, he modeled what finding a great guy is going to look like for her someday.

He brought the “Big Four”* to the table instead of simply putting food on it, like some dad’s tragically believe is their only real “job”.

And in turn both the little girl AND her mom were simultaneously empowered. Both were inspired to bring joy, love, laughter, nurturing and caring into the circle.

So not only will a great wife bring happiness and joy to your life, you can bet that your daughter will very likely always be a source of great pride to you as well.

Daughters will love like you do.

And don’t kid yourself. Nothing breathes life into YOUR being, having effectively LED as a real “Big Four” man, than to have the women you love—be they your lover or your offspring—lavish your world with feminine gifts:

Boys, you can break

You'll find out how much they can take

Boys will be strong

And boys soldier on

But boys would be gone without the warmth from

A woman’s good, good heart

Man, it’s no wonder that John Mayer has a history of attracting some seriously amazing women, right?

So if you are a father to a daughter right now, let this article speak to you.

And if you’re not a little girl’s daddy just yet, you may be someday.

How you view your interactions with women now will not only decide what your long-term relationship with one (if any) will look like, it’ll shape what kind of father you are.

And it’s a 50/50 chance that when you become a father, it’ll be to a daughter.

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