How To Turn Her Attraction Into Absolute Loving Devotion (Part One)


How To Turn Her Attraction Into Absolute Loving Devotion (Part One)

If she happens to inspire potential song lyrics that just pop into your head one day, write them down on the spot and go for it.

And what if you can’t play guitar (or possibly piano)? Then don’t even think about dusting off the clarinet from middle school or the accordion your German grandmother made you get lessons on.


Cook for her instead. The end result will be the same:


That’s spelled “massage”, not “message”. You can’t text your way out of this one, cowboy.

When she comes over your house, surprise her by rubbing her shoulders after she sits down.

When she starts purring like a kitten, she’ll probably invite you rub her back.

She may even lie down flat as she extends the invitation.

At that point, don’t try to undo her bra or sneak in a grab at her “butt cleavage”.

Rest assured, you won’t have to. She’ll probably take care of those arrangements herself.

She may casually unhook her bra or roll down the beltline of her shorts for you

Think of it this way.

Women who are particularly attracted to you WANT you to touch them, and you’ve just given her reason and logic to back her emotional desires.

So sometime around when she indicates with such a signal such that you can pretty much touch her wherever you’d like, you should pause and get that special massage oil that smells amazing that you happened to have bought.

I’d recommend Bath And Body Works for such items, because it’s always incredibly fun to buy something from there.

This is probably because they typically only employ very cute women who automatically think you’re terrific and wish they were the one who you were buying all their great stuff for.

It rocks…try it.

Oh, and two other things.

First, be sure to give her a foot massage. This is incredibly sensual, and I agree 100% that a woman’s feet can be considered to be miniature versions of a woman’s form in general.

So what you heard in Pulp Fiction might just be true. A foot massage isn’t just a foot massage. It gets a woman to start thinking about your hands massaging her everywhere else also.

OK, I’ve got more to say about where the massage MIGHT lead next, but it looks like this article is better off being split into two parts.

Besides, it’s time for Emily’s foot massage.

Next time I’ll deliver the goods on how to make the massage truly amazing, and we’ll also cover two more outstanding ways to turn a woman’s attraction into absolute loving devotion.

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