"The Sessions" Is Wise and Helpful for all Couples


 "The Sessions" Is Wise and Helpful for all Couples [EXPERT]
The film advertises sex for a disabled man; however, its wisdom is a gift for all couples.

In both films, without giving away the evolving plot of The Sessions, the backgrounds of each character are understood (including the surrogate, Cheryl), in light of why intimacy and communication problems and lack of trust are malignant deterrents to closeness. In The Sessions viewers clearly see that unless these intimacy problems are faced, and communication is restored, sustained sexual closeness and satisfaction will not happen, and sexual closeness, the language of committed love, is endangered. In O'Brien's case, his fear of what he wanted so dearly and deeply is understood and explored in terms of guilt that he has felt since becoming ill. In Greene's case, the frustrations in her own marriage, and the choices before her, come to light.

Looking at both The Sessions and Coming Home from this viewpoint, we all come to the possibilities of sustained intimate relationships and commitment with deep limitations and challenges. It is love and its components —  patience, kindness and a sense of humor — all based on self and mutual respect — and surely not technique — that makes sexual magic happen and continue. It is this quality of love that offers the humanity that protects and sustains intimate relationships and marriage.


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