ENVY: A Deadly Sin in All Life Spheres


ENVY:  A Deadly Sin in All Life Spheres

In such behavior there is a link between the personal, the professional, the political. There really was a time that Congressional leaders (role models for us all!) could disagree on issues, but with determination to compromise for the greater good of the public. This is now history, as mean, ugly, destructive behavior prevails,

So here it is in a nut-shell: Mature people know how to work hard, but accept and learn to live with certain dreams that may never come true. With this mindset, they truly can love and care for others, be there in their sorrows, and rejoice in their accomplishments. The greater good of all is their motivating force. And these are the only people one can successfully build with.

Others must be carefully and precisely buffered (if you must deal with them), but still left way, way behind in their degree of importance. A good way to do this is to visualize them in the way they deserve to be seen, as "dust," and deal with them in the only way they deserve -- as "dust friends." In this process a possible political reality is apt metaphor: vote them out of office.

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