Why Kristen Stewart Isn't The One To Blame


Why Kristen Stewart Isn't The One To Blame [EXPERT]
While she shouldn't have cheated on Robert Pattinson, there's still more to the story.

Further, the most powerful person on the set is usually the director and usually he rules, in one way or another. In this extremely elevated position, the actors (especially the young ones), who depend on the director to show their work as beyond merely credible (their professional futures depend on this), attribute powers and abilities to him that are most likely highly exaggerated. Here's How To Save Your Relationship After You Cheated [VIDEO]

In this context, Kristen Stewart, a serious, young actor, is not the type of professional who would approach her director, or in this scenario what has become her nightmare determined to seduce. Her anguished public apology would not have come from one with a knee-pad mentality.


Now contrast her apology to the scripted words of her 41-year-old director, old enough to be her father, whose seduction began while his wife was a stone's throw away. What most do not realize is that it would be next to impossible for a young person to resist the power and dazzling charisma of this type of pursuit.

It is common for young people as they grow and mature to have a sexual experience that at first appears extraordinary and magical, but is actually anything but, and instead brings hurt and shame. If they are smart and savvy, they learn from their blindness.

Obviously, Stewart had some growing up to do. She confessed in a recent interview in Elle Magazine, where her nervousness and ill-ease were palpable, that she regrets having been home-schooled, as a regular school experience would have given her "a bit extra." She said she feels "boring," that "you can learn so much from bad things" and that she was waiting for "something crazy" in her life.

Her wish is a common one, especially for those who feel undeserving of their very good fortune ("My life has been so f**ing perfect," she shared). Many young people do not yet understand that some choices that feel exciting in the moment can threaten absolutely everything they hold dearly.

Unlike Kristen Stewart or any celebrity in this type of situation, the "typical" individual does not undergo the aftermath of pain and humiliation that often occurs for celebs following an experience such as this; it is not played out all over the world in the most intrusive manner conceivable. Can Your Relationship Survive After Cheating?

I have no idea what the future of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will be but I do know that both of them, the public and the media should understand what went on and its context far more completely before making judgments about it. Rupert Sanders seems to have gotten a relatively easy public ride. Not only did he humiliate his wife, he took advantage of a highly vulnerable young person with enormous talent. What he deserves is a furious public and professional rebuke. 

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