Teens Reveal 5 Reasons They Won't Talk To You About Sex


Teens Reveal 5 Reasons They Won't Talk To You About Sex [EXPERT]
Don't fall victim to to these parenting blunders while talking about sex!

3. You scare us to death. You tell us all the million things that can go wrong, showing us pictures of this disease and that disease; it's petrifying and yes, while we need to know it we don't need scaring to death. In fact, it makes us switch off. Just give us the facts please, and let us make our mind up.

4. You talk to us with the assumption that we are stupid ... and that we all have underage sex, get diseases and get pregnant. This isn't true; some of my friends have had sex underage and some haven't. It feels like you miss the point; a girl will have sex with anyone and not use contraception if she doesn't feel good about herself or strong enough to say no or is too much of a people pleaser. Maybe you should work on teaching us how to feel better about ourselves so we don't do this, rather than assuming that we are all stupid.


5. Don't take it so seriously. Sex is part of life, yet you approach it like you are about to talk to us about drugs or drinking. Surely this isn't the same, and you need to listen up a bit. If you could just be less serious about it and more matter of fact, asking us questions rather than telling, we could have better conversations and that is what we need. We want to talk to you about relationships and everything that surrounds them and yes, that includes sex, so please start talking to us like we are human beings with thoughts and opinions.

And there you have it, wisdom indeed from my daughter and I couldn't agree more. Sex should be a conversation, a conversation that includes what it means to be in a relationship. Talking about sex as if it is separate from relationship and is a serious big issue is making them not listen and let's face, it we really need to be there for them about such an important topic.  

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