The 7 Insane Beauty Myths I Wish I Could Say Were Past-Tense


The 7 Insane Beauty Myths I Wish I Could Say Were Past-Tense
This is the article I wish I could write as if it were past tense, but unfortunately is not.

This is an article that I wish I could write as if it were past tense: "7 Insane (Female) Beauty Myths People Used To Believe As Facts"

1. You have to be super thin to be healthy and beautiful, preferably with bones showing and a physique of solid muscle.



Health is not defined by thinness but by many other factors such as inflammatory markers like insulin, blood sugar irregularities, growth factors, hormone balance, cardiovascular markers, and emotional well-being. 

In the ever-increasing rush to be as thin as possible (the beauty myth of thinness seems to have us need to be ever thinner every year that goes by with models and images of women in media thinnner now than ever before) we are getting sicker.

Women need some fat on their bodies to reproduce and have a regular hormone cycle. Being too thin is absolutely dangerous to our health and to every marker of good health listed above. Don't strive for that, my goddess friends. Strive for self love and self worth. 

2. Beauty is homogenous and looks like certain traits and features of one particular dominant cultural ideal.


In our American culture, we have very specific features, colors of skin and hair, and size that are deemed "beautiful", but did you know that in other cultures, exact opposite features, colors of skin and hair, and size are deemed beautiful? 

There was a time when voluptous women were deemed most beautiful to the culture. These fads are just temporary and dangerous to all of us.

God didn't make one flower. He made many. Get over it.

3. Beauty is only about the way that you look, not how you feel and who you are as a human being.


When was the last time you had a conversation with someone you thought was super beautiful, male or female and immediately felt because of who they were that they were less beautiful to you? Maybe you've had just the opposite happen, too. Someone you thought less attractive at first became stunning when you connected deeply with them intellectually or emotionally.

If this sounds harsh...just look into that for a minute. We've all had that experience at some point in our lives. 

Beauty is your smile. Your heart. Your laugh. Your sensitivity and your uniqueness. It's something indefinable and true.

4. Beauty requires effort and lots of alterations to how you naturally look.


In our present culture, we hate the way we look if we haven't put a lot of effort into fixing or changing something about ourselves. From surgery to endless time in front of the mirror...what are we really saying about ourselves?

We're saying it's not ok to be ourselves. 

I think it comes from the relentless airbrushing and fakeness in media making us think people can't have lines, blemishes, freckles, a hair out of place, etc. It's nonsense.

You look fabulous with your imperfections. It is what makes you, you. Your uniquness is your beauty. It is exactly the opposite of what we are taught.

Stop the fussing and love your uniqueness. Perfection is truly boring, in my opinion. 

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