The #1 Secret to Attracting an Alpha Male


The #1 Secret to Attracting an Alpha Male
Smart successful women want to date alpha males but often turn them off. Here's why!

You're a smart, successful, sexy Alpha woman who's attracted to smart, successful, sexy Alpha men. Has this ever happened to you? You're having a great time on your first date. The conversation is off-the-charts. You close the restaurant down. You make out with him in the backseat of the cab on your way home. Finally, you've met a man with potential! You can't wait to see him again. And then...he doesn't call. What happened? Did you say or do something to offend him? Alpha males are just so hard to understand, right? Well, actually they are not that complicated. Would you like to learn the #1 secret to attracting lasting love with an Alpha male? What I'm about to share will transform your love life.

The #1 Secret to Attracting an Alpha Male


Are you ready for the big reveal? Stop dating yourself. That’s right; most successful women want to date a version of themselves. This is the number one reason that successful women stay single.

Do you really want to date your clone? Although an Alpha male may seem attractive, you’d quickly grow tired of someone who’s just like you.

And most Alpha males don’t want to date their clones either. They don’t want a woman who is argumentative, competitive, or judgmental. They can get that at work every day. They want a woman who gives them what they don’t have; someone nurturing, kind, supportive, and loving.

According to dating coach and author of "Have Him at Hello", Rachel Greenwald, Alpha males list the following professions as ideal for a spouse: a nurse or a kindergarten teacher. How’s that for the 21st century?

While it may seem like a throwback to the fifties, I do believe that an Alpha male is ultimately seeking someone nurturing, easygoing, and loving, which are what a nurse and kindergarten teacher represent.

Alpha males are traditionally extremely driven leaders who often prioritize work over everything else - including you. Do you really want to spar with a guy on a regular basis? Do you want to compete with your man? Step back and take a realistic look at who you’ve been attracted to and ask yourself if those men are truly the best match for you. Are you still in a relationship with any of them now? Bingo. Seek out men who are less your clone and more your compliment.

The A/B Blend

Look for an A/B man, one with a balance of Alpha and Beta; a blend of confidence, leadership, and sensitivity, someone who wants to prioritize you in his life. To attract him, ditch the work clothes on a date. Dress in something more feminine. Don't talk about work on a first date. Bring your most loving character traits to every date. I’m not asking you to repress your intelligence or your opinions. 

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