The Voice of Trichotillomania


The Voice of Trichotillomania
Making a choice to let go of the memories from the past.

I longed to have someone like me to talk to, cry with, to share the hurt and shame.  Someone who would understand what I was going through. I wanted someone who would get it, get me, see me – the real me.
So here I am, writing about trichotillomania. Here I am, a voice, for those not ready to speak up.

And that purpose, I spoke of is this:


I am here to let others know that they are perfect exactly like they are AND exactly like they are not.

I am here to listen and share my story.

I am here to be the person I always wished I had had in my life.

I am here to eradicate the shame around trichotillomania.

I am here to step into the shoes I was always meant to wear.

I am here to love myself and all of you.

I was meant to be a voice.

And today, I am here to be that voice, The Voice of Trichotillomania.

For those of us who like to hold on to a good story (I am one of those I speak of), I like to make the request to look in the present. Is that story happening now? If not, let it go. It really is that easy. Every person has mind chatter. If you think you do not have that voice I would like to ask you this as you are reading my words. Are you silently saying “I do not have a voice that speaks to me”. Well that would be the voice I am speaking of. For some that chatter can be quite destructive. It also allows us to live in our heads rather than in the moment. I request  taking a break from the chatter that happens in our minds. A few tricks that have worked for me are the following and they have been the key for me to move forward, stay present, and love who I am.

1. I close my eyes and take a few deep inhales followed by some even bigger exhales. Sometimes I even make a slight noise on the exhale.
2. I do something I enjoy doing.
3. When it says something I do not like I silently say “Thank you for your opinion but I do not agree so I would appreciate if you are quiet now.
4. I remind myself in order to have the life that I love I need to listen to what I truly believe and not to what that little voice is telling me.

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