8 Travel Tips For An Amazing Couples Getaway


8 Travel Tips For An Amazing Couples Getaway
Traveling with your sweetie should bring you closer. Here's how to have an amazing vacation.

6. Double it up
Alone time can be awesome, but let's face it: there are some activities better split down the gender map. Guys and girls don't always want to have the exact same vacation experiences. The solution? Double it up! Choose another couple you get along with and go on vacation together. This will provide you with that much-needed guy/girl time. In addition, it will give you someone to confide in, should you need someone besides your partner to talk to. (Calling Mom from Moscow is expensive)!

Didn't go with another couple but still craving same-sex companionship? Pub tours are a great way to meet other traveling couples; you go to local bars, hear their history and sample local beers with a bunch of other couples. Not too shabby.


7. Splurge on accommodations
There's nothing that kills the mood more than capping an exhausting day of sightseeing by coming back to a dump. No one wants to get busy on mattress with springs sticking out and scratchy sheets. And all sexual activity aside, nothing causes crankiness like a poor night's sleep. I recently met a couple in St. Martin who confided in me that their hotel rule is that if it's worse than their apartment, they're not staying there. Vacation should be an upgrade from your everyday life, not a downgrade!

Luckily, staying at luxury accommodations is no longer only available for the rich and famous. Flash sale travel sites, such as Jetsetter, Sniqueaway, and Tablet all offer boutique luxury hotels at the price of your average hotel. If you're more of the cooking type, or enjoy having a washer and dryer, airbnb, homeawayfromhome, vrbo, and the new onefinestay are great ways to rent owner's homes without the costly middle man.

Vacation sex is great sex, so don't cheap out and fall victim to restless nights and a sexless vacation because you wanted to save an extra 100 bucks on your room.

8. Say sayonara to technology
There's nothing more annoying than trying to bond with your honey on the beach when their mind is a million miles away, consumed by whatever Facebook feeds, Instagrams or Twitter updates. are flashing on their technological device. Set yourself up to win: make sure everyone at work knows that you are going on vacation well in advance, and that the right support structures are in place for your job to get done while you are gone. If that's impossible, let everyone know that you are only going to be checking email once a day, every day at the same time. Ask your partner to do the same. And take a break from all your social media feeds; they are an unnecessary diversion of your attention away from the here and now — and when the here and now is a stunning landscape and loving partner, that's simply a shame.

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