5 Tips To Cope With The Loss Of A Pet


5 Tips To Cope With The Loss Of A Pet [EXPERT]
When a pet dies, it can feel like losing a friend. Here are five ways to cope with the grief.

4. Make a place for your memories so they are not forgotten. This part of your healing has some mystery about it. The right way to honor Max took months to make itself known. On one of those spur of moment drives, I ended up on Whidbey Island, one of Washington's most beautiful Gulf Islands. Curiosity drew me into a small plant nursery. Along the walkway of the nursury there sat five small rhododendron plants in black plastic containers and they were named "Max Cat." The Max Cat rhodendron has beautiful flowers and my heart is happy every time I see the blooms because one came home with me.

5. Time heals everything. Take all the time you need. Again, some eager friends wanted me to rush right out and get another cat but I needed to wait. The wait was worth it when a beautiful black and white Norwegian Forest Cat named Humphrey Bogart, affectionately called Bogey, joined our family. He was not Max and that was fine. He was filled with love and his purrs were a happy comfort to my welcoming heart.

Breathe in the power you have to move forward after even the most difficult challenges. You can start living again. Make this ending real and you will be free to experience the happiness you deserve.

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