Signs of Sex Addiction


Signs of Sex Addiction
A comprehensive list of the signs of sex addiction

9. Severe mood changes around sexual activity
• Depression, anxiety, anger, and other mood/affective states can result from repeated failures to stop or control the
addictive behavior
• 70% described chronic feelings of depression
– Other chronic mood or affective states include:
• Anxiety
• Guilt and shame
• Anger at self and others
• Hopelessness and despair (monitor suicidal ideations)
– Mood changes may be “medicated” (hidden) through the use of other drugs or medications

10. Compulsive Behavior
• Sexual behavior that you want to stop but you can’t
• A pattern of out of control behavior over time
Sex becomes the organizing principal of daily life
• Everything revolves around it
– On sexual obsessions and fantasizing
– On planning next event
– On sexual acting out (some spend 8 hours a night on the internet)
– On covering up or making up for lost time
– Addressing consequences of sexual behavior


11. Losses
• Losing, limiting, or sacrificing valued parts of life
– Hobbies, family relationships, and work
– Loss of important personal, social, occupational or recreational activities
– Loss of friends and family (loss of relationships)
– Loss of long-term relationships
– Loss of talents, goals, and personal and professional aspirations

12. Withdrawal
• Stopping behavior causes considerable distress, anxiety, irritability, or physical discomfort.
• Usually lasts for about 14 days, but can be as long as 10 weeks
– Headaches and/or body aches
– High or low sexual arousal and/or genital sensitivity
– Increased appetite for food
– Chills, sweats, shakes and/or nausea
– Rapid heartbeat and/or shortness of breath
– Intrusive dreams
– High level of anxiety and irritability
– Emotional lability (roller coaster feelings)
• Some sex addicts with a chemical dependency report that withdrawals are worse for sex addiction than for drug/alcohol addictions


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