Sex Addiction Behavior Types


Sex Addiction Behavior Types
Sex addiction behavior types / categories of sex addiction.

8. Intrusive Sex – Boundary violations without discovery
• “Stealing sex” without the possibility of getting caught
• Sexually touching people in crowds
• Surprising unsuspecting individuals with sexual comments, jokes, and/or observations

9. Pain Exchange – Being humiliated or hurt as a part of the sexual arousal
• Aroused by sadistic activities, hurting or degrading another sexually
• Or both
* Bondage sex or “S & M” (Sadomasochism)


10. Object Sex – Masturbating with objects
• Cross-dressing
• Uncontrolled use of masturbatory objects: blow-up dolls, latex vaginas, dildos
• Fetishisms

11. Exploitive Sex – Exploitation of the vulnerable
• Arousal patterns are based on target “types” of vulnerability
• Force, intimidation, or manipulation may be used
• 30% of male and 14% of female sex addicts have had sex with minors
• Pedophiles are not necessarily sex addicts
• Sex addicts can be pedophiles

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