Don't Settle For Mr. Or Ms. Wrong


Dating can be tiresome and discouraging, but don't settle. Your Mr. or Ms. Right is waiting!

When I was able to get her to stop berating herself and take a more objective view of her date, she was able to identify things that she had noticed on some level but had not fully appreciated the signifcance of. That is, his economic choice of vehicle was part of a pattern (tip of the iceberg) that ran throughout his life. The highlight of a recent trip to Europe had been the deal he got on a hotel room; his greatest source of pride concerned his ablity to find bargains that were "bettter than Costco;" and he showed their waiter his appreciation with a nine per cent tip. There is nothing wrong with this man's frugality (although the lousy tip really is pretty cheap), but it is not right for Laura. I believe that her ability to accept her true feelings is a sign of self-respect and a high self-esteem. Her Superman will almost certainly buy his cape at Nordstroms.

This post is already way longer than I had intended but I would be remiss if I didn't make connections between my advice on dating and something was a part of my childhood, the 1960s TV show, Lost In Space. Way before I had heard of Freud or Jung, I was painfully aware of  Dr. Zachary Smith. You folks of my generation may recall that Dr. Smith was the lead scientist on the Jupiter 2, the spaceship occupied by the Robinson family and crew on Lost In Space. The show was about the Robinsons et al. who were, as the name states, lost in space, trying to get back to earth. The way that I remember it, there was a formula that was repeated every week. Each episode would begin with the ship landing on a strange planet where all of the capable, competent adults, i.e. all of the adults but the loathsome Dr. Smith, had a job to do repairing the ship.


This left nine year-old Will Robinson with nothing to do. He would ask his mother if he could go with Dr. Smith to explore the planet. It should be noted that Dr. Smith was a weasley, cowardly guy who couldn't help but cause problems wherever he went. I'm not sure what Will's mother was thinking but she would let Will go off with Dr. Smith under the condtions that they promise not to go too far and that they take the robot with them for protection. Everybody who ever saw the show remembers the robot. He was this big lovable guy who would start flapping his accordion-style arms when he got excited. Off the three of them would go and before long the robot would stop short and start flapping those arms, shouting, "Danger. Danger Will Robinson. Danger!" Will would ask, "What is it? What is it?" To which the robot would respond, "Does not compute. Need more data." This meant that he didn't have enough information to know the exact nature of the danger, but nevertheless, his sensors were telling that there was a problem.

I believe that we all have something inside us analogous to the robot. Call it gut feeling or a hunch. Ladies, you can call yours "women's intuition." Regardless of what you call it, you must pay attention to it in order to avoid having weird aliens enter your life. 3 Reasons Why We Rush Into Relationships

Everybody deserves a shot at true love. Don't get me wrong, once you find Mr. or Ms. Right there is still a lot of work that needs to be done to make the relationship work. A successful relationship doesn't simply happen automatically. But in order to give yourself a chance of finding the right partner for you, you have to hold out for the right person. He or she is out there. Keep your sights high.

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