Reclaim Valentine's Day


Reclaim Valentine's Day
Have nothing to celebrate this Valentine's? Follow these six secret tips to reclaim the day.

Roses and chocolates. Red and Pink. Silly poems. The highschool dance. 

Being the kid who didn't receive any Valentines at all.


Potent reminder of disastrous past relationships.

The commercialized fakery and the pressure to express love you don't feel, or receive love gifts from those you know don't really love you.

Its not only singles that say they hate Valentine's Day! If you belong to the rapidly growing group of folks who wish the day would simply disappear, you are not alone.

You may dread the upcoming holiday for a variety of reasons:

  • You've recently ended a relationship and don't need the reminder of lost love.
  • You've recently entered a new relationship and don't feel ready for the mushy, romantic moments associated with the day.
  • You've lived as a single a long time and dread the implication that, "There's something wrong with me because I'm single".
  • You've had to struggle making ends meet and don't appreciate the commercial and cultural pressure to buy gifts and spring for a lavish meal.
  • You hate the reminder that you won't be receiving anything special from your significant other - its just not his or her way.
  • You wish you wouldn't receive overpriced chocolates you can't eat, flowers that will die, or jewelry you won't wear. 

If you feel the need to protect your wounded heart this Valentine's Day, treat yourself with a little kindness! If your life experience has given the word "Love" a painful definition, go easy and allow yourself some time to heal. 

Check out these ideas that may help you reclaim and recreate the day.

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