The Divorced Parent Telesummit


The Divorced Parent Telesummit
Parenting after divorce presents unique challenges. Here's a powerful free resource to help.
  • You are struggling with co-parenting issues
  • You are worried about your child's adjustment to the divorce
  • You are dealing with a "difficult" ex
  • You don't know how to answer your child's questions about the divorce
  • You don't know how to form a co-parenting team with your ex
  • You want your children to be happy despite the divorce

Go to the Divorced Parent Telesummit website to find out more about this FREE event.

Here are just a few of the solutions you will learn:


  • Unplugging From Your Ex & Avoiding Emotional Minefields
  • Keeping it Together When You Are Parenting Apart
  • Mastering a Child-Centered Divorce
  • Developing a Winning Co Parenting Team
  • Raising Happier Kids Despite a Difficult Ex

You won't want to miss out on a single Divorced Parent Telesummit expert presentation! Of course, I'm excited about the portion that I will be presenting!


  • How to move from collaborative parenting to cooperative parenting
  • How to manage your teenager's overload
  • How to recreate stability and celebrate hope

I also look forward to learning hope strategies from the other divorced parents experts.

I'll be there...I look forward to seeing you at the Divorced Parent Telesummit. You deserve it!

Did I mention that it's 100% free to listen? All these experts lined up for you, and you don't have to drive anywhere. You can even upgrade to a Silver or Gold and own all the recordings and bonuses.

Register now to attend the Divorced Parent Telesummit.

P.S. I'm one of the divorce expert presenters because I see the tremendous value in these topics and I feel strongly that you deserve to have every advantage, every strategy, and every bit of information that will ensure your success after divorce. Register right now to attend the Divorced Parent Telesummit, and join me as we celebrate HOPE together! 

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