The Many Faces Of Infidelity


The Many Faces Of Infidelity
Confused about your emotions? It's a lot to unpack.
Infidelity isn't a black-and-white issue.

Infidelity isn't always a black-and-white issue of "you cheated, I'm leaving." It's a complicated issue, involving hurt feelings, repair and rebuilding, anxiety, jealousy, relief and forgiveness.

Here at YourTango, we're committed to helping you navigate the tricky waters of infidelity within a committed relationship. Does emotional infidelity rock a marriage as much as a sexual liason? Should you forgive a friend who helped "cover up" the affair? How do you know if it's time to pack up and move on after an admission of unfaithfulness? YourTango Experts will be exploring all of these topics at — and more — through September 20.

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We'll be posting new articles every day that tackle this complicated issue, so come prepared to learn, understand and heal. Together, we can move past infidelity and into loving, healthy relationships.

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