New Year, New Salary, New You!


New Year, New Salary, New You!

With 2010 right around the corner, many people are taking the time to evaluate last year and focus on goals for the future.  Commonly this evaluation leads to the conclusion that it’s time for a raise.  Unfortunately, even though lots of people set this as a primary goal, all too often the year goes by with few, if any changes.  If you’re serious about getting a raise, here are the 7 steps to raise-success!  

First a little known fact: Would it surprise you to know that the number one reason why women do not get paid as much as men is simply because they don’t ask for as much?   While this may seem socking to some, it’s actually great news because it puts the power to change the situation in your hands.


So what stops women?  One word, confidence. One of the most difficult things for many women to do is to stand up in front of a group of people and state the 5 reasons why they are the best or most qualified at their job.  Yet this is exactly what you need to do. In order to confidently ask for more money, you need to know in your bones that you deserve it.

Here’s how to become the most valuable employee in the room:

Step 1- Write it out. Focus on the position you want and write out statements that explain why you are the best value to your employer.  Given that this is an exercise, this is no time to be modest.  Boast, brag and toot your own horn without shying away from the truth of how great you are.  Include in your list your general work ethic, relationship skills and unrelated employment opportunities that have helped to shape who you are.  For example, if you have talents as a strategic thinker remember that skill can be applied to any area. The same goes for understanding the needs of others.  Write as many of statements as you can so your list covers your broad range of talents and multitude of skill-sets.

Step 2- She who has the most information wins. Know what you want to make and realistically what the job is paying others. Use Google or any other means to find the pay range for your position so you know what’s reasonable to ask for.  What you’re looking for is the black and white numbers so when it comes to the negotiation that you’re not relying on your “feelings” for what you deserve but rather the industry standard for what you ought to be paid.  

Step 3- Make sure you can sell it to yourself first. Now that you know the pay range, what part of the range do you think you are worth?  Stand in front of the mirror look yourself in your eyes and say, “I am worth $X”.  Or say, “The salary I am looking for is between $X and $X.” Be clear in your numbers and repeat until you are comfortable or can at least say it like you mean it, even if your stomach is churning.  

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