Gay Men & The Peter Pan Syndrome

Peter Pan. That wonderful, free-spirited, never grow up, Disney monetized character, who's inspired many a young, and young at heart to keep their youth alive. Ironically, there's another side to Peter Pan that's eating away at gay men's confidence, and driving them deeper into a closet that can ...

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30 Ways To Be A More Compassionate Partner

Flowers, candy, back rubs are all great gifts to give to your partner, but if you don't bring the compassion into play, you're only doing half of the job! But what does compassion really mean? Don't go running to I want you to think about what compassion means to you specifically, ...

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Coming Out: Butting Heads With Your Spiritual Truth

I'm spiritual. For me, that means I'm in a relationship with something far greater than myself, and trust that without that higher power I wouldn't be having this beautiful human ...

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12 Gay Sex Positions Heterosexuals Should Try

Shhh. Here's a few secret and not-so-secret sex positions anyone can have fun with in bed, on the table, in a car... maybe! Why, why, why does everyone think that gay men hold to secrets to everything wonderful and fabulous in life? Ok, some of you don't feel that way because "gay is just so ...

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Are You 'Stuck' In The One Night Stand Routine?

We've all had the regrettable one night stand. But can you picture being stuck in a never-ending one? That's just hell. Imagine: You. A drunken night. Not being able to find your purse or wallet, not being able to get rid of whoever it is that's laying half naked, sound asleep in bed next to you. ...

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Articles by Rick Clemons

Gay Men & The Peter Pan Syndrome

It's a syndrome, not documented in any medical book, yet thrives among gay men, like an STD.

Love & Valentines Day: Relationship Compassion

30 Ways To Be A More Compassionate Partner

Are you giving your partner that feel-good, warm & fuzzy feeling?

Meditation Couple

Coming Out: Butting Heads With Your Spiritual Truth

Faith, belief, truth, and sexuality. You can't avoid it, but you can come to terms with yours.

Hot Sex: 12 Gay Sex Positions To Try With Your Lover Tonight

12 Gay Sex Positions Heterosexuals Should Try

Trying something new and salacious is the best way to spice up your sex life.

Life Coach: Are You Sick Of One Night Stands?

Are You 'Stuck' In The One Night Stand Routine?

Are one night stands keeping you from a real connection?

Rick Clemons

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