What Demi Moore Has To Be Thankful For


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Infidelity, rumored break-up, the "Big D" announcement ... thankful for what?

It seems that celebrity break-ups are as frequent as my protein bar and drink regime ordered by my doctor to help me lose weight. I'm now up to 3 protein drinks a day, plus 3 protein bars, and then a 500 calorie protein rich dinner with plenty of fresh vegetables. So that would be approximately 7 regular protein boosts a day, which is actually less frequent, it seems, than the daily announcements that some fab celebrity couple is calling it quits! The latest casualty: Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher.

Not being one to usually give a damn about celebrity tangos, I am rather surprised to hear and see myself writing this prose. Ok, not really! Being a gay man I find Ashton totally hot and if I could come back as a powerful Hollywood woman in my next life, then Demi would be one of my top 5 choices. Now that the confessional is over, let's get to the real nuts and bolts of why I am blabbering on about what Demi will be able to give thanks for this Thanksgiving now that Ashton's hot little butt is out of the picture. Ashton Kutcher Moves Out—But Is Demi Moore To Blame?


Top 3 Reasons Demi Is Giving Thanks:

1. Values Are Realigning

In her press statement Demi actually stated, "... there are certain values and vows that I hold sacred ..." When we find ourselves out of sync with our values that's usually when the trouble starts. For the obvious reasons, she is not able to align her core values of fidelity with Ashton's infidelity and still make it work.

2. Forward Momentum Is Hers To Be Had

Often, whether you're a celebrity or a regular Jack or Jill, there are times you discover your relationship is holding you back from stepping up and moving forward. Whether it is your own limiting beliefs or the pressure of maybe they will change, these thoughts derail you and cause you and the relationship to stagnate. In the moment of truth when you discover that stagnation no longer serves you and you're "done" is the moment the energetic shift occurs, propelling you forward to the destiny that is yours. A-List Links: Ashton Cheats on Demi!

3. Assumptions Are Gone And Truthful Freedom Rings

When you assume to know that which you know nothing of you make an "ass out of u and me." Wise words that Kutcher should have paid closer attention to prior to releasing this Tweet just months prior to the breakup. But for Moore, assumptions are now history and she is free to move forward in the truth — without assumptions. Making an assumption (no pun intended), for most people in any type of relationship, is as painful as the truth and can drive you crazy. At least in the truth you know exactly what you are dealing with.

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