Why I Lost Respect For (& My Crush On) Rupert Everett


Why I Lost Respect For (& My Crush On) Rupert Everett [EXPERT]
Rick Clemons once had a mad crush on the star of "My Best Friend's Wedding" ... but not anymore.

I feel like my adult wet dream just became a nightmare.

Knowing one of my biggest celebrity crushes, Rupert Everett, blatantly slammed his own gay community again, has caused me to sick Kathy Griffin on him.


Oh ye that scorns the gay community, be warned of the wrath you have invited from leather daddies, twinks, drag divas and bears! We unite when we're attacked ... especially when deep criticism arises from within our own ranks. Is It OK To Call Sandra Fluke A 'Slut?'

Since the story broke on the Huffington Post about Everett's statement ("There's nothing worse than being raised by two gay dads"), I've seen numerous editorials, articles and spoofs referring to the once luscious piece of man meat as a vile hypocrite.

However, I want to personally thank Rupie for bringing to light one of the stalwart behaviors of the gay community — internalized homophobia. Yet, I must retreat and restate: One of the stalwart behaviors of human beings is internalized dislike for anyone who is different! That is, this is not just a gay community issue; it is throughout our global societies.

Often the gay community is defined as being "uber-judgmental." As humans, we all become overtly judgmental the moment someone steps out of line with our way of thinking. Rather than embracing the diversity and experience of human existence, we brandish the arms of protectionism, and overlay our "best for the world" intentions onto everyone within earshot.

Now, realizing I'm starting to reek of "pot calling kettle black," I'd like to share my perspective on Rupert's little rant. Here are three reasons why Rupert Everett's self-hatred totally backfires:

1. Revealing the true colors of your boxer shorts is one step shy of showing what an ass you are. Judgment of others reveals one's own inner turmoil and strife. In other words, don't reveal your dirty laundry unless you're ready to hang it out to dry where everyone can see it.

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