”And The Survey Says...” - Best Coming Out Advice


”And The Survey Says...” - Best Coming Out Advice
The inside scoop from Facebook Fans on coming out without coming unglued!

Numerous articles have been written. Thousands of frames of video shot. And, more debates and discussions have been had in open forums and closed closets than humanly possible to imagine. No matter how old you are, or the level of experience you had experimenting with your sexuality, there is no right or wrong way to do what you’re about to do...COME OUT OF THE CLOSET.

If anyone tells you they have the perfect solution, either


  • Blackmail them for the holy grail of coming out
  • Listen and see if they’re blowing smoke
  • Run and run fast, because there is no perfect way to say, “I’m Gay!”

Rehearse all you want. Find a time when Mercury’s not in retrograde. Wear your favorite, “This makes me feel invincible” outfit. It’s all good. I simply want you to know,

“The perfect way to say you’re gay is when you’re ready, in your own way, and it may not be perfect!”

Sorry to disappoint, but I’d rather be honest, than blow smoke into your already clouded, and confused state head. I’m also not going to keep you hanging, without some juicy coming out advice. However, for once, I’m not going to be doling out the goods. Instead, I'm going to let some other voices of experince talk.

In fact, this precious insight is from a whole lot of beautiful people that you don’t know, you’ve never met, may never meet, who’ve been through the closet door, and who happen to be followers of my Coming Out Coach Facebook Page. I couldn’t be a more proud papa then tright now to share the beautiful responses I received from cool fans to this question I posed on my page.

“What coming out advice would you give someone who’s just starting their journey?”

Lucky you! Here’s their bucketfuls and boatloads of advice, overflowing to the brim! Enjoy!

Best Coming Out Advice From Facebook Fans Of The Coming Out Coach!

Be confident!

Be strong, don't be afraid, and make sure you have someone you trust that you can talk to!!!

Make sure you have a foundation of support, because each “out” is unique and different.

Being yourself is always easier, more fulfilling and mor joyful than pretending to be someone you're not. You've already shown that you are strong enough and determined enough to create a persona --apply that strength and determination to living your truth.
And with that...you will always be moving forward with your life from that point on! A wonderful feeling!

Remember, your family has to come out of your closet too.

Be yourself !!!!!

Be confident. Project the confidence from within. Talk with no shame because you should have no shame - there's nothing wrong with you, you are exactly who you need to be. When the subject comes up, don't make a huge deal out of it because it is only a part of who you are.

It's best to treat it like the kind of car I drive: sometimes subtle, but always direct and honest.

Article contributed by

Rick Clemons


Rick Clemons, The Gay Man's Life Coach & The Coming Out Coach

Rick is a straight-forward, compassionate, insightful, challenging, mentor, guide, and Certified Professional Coach who's been featured on The Ricki Lake Show, and is a highly sought after radio show personality, blogger, author, and faculty member of Sex Coach U. His loving, challenging, gentle, and inspiring approach ignites a fire in clients, helping them get through the darkest moments of life and come out the other side, kicking butt, and being authentically themselves.

Rick thrives, working with individuals, and those in their inner circle, as they embark on the journey out of the closet and beyond. He specializes in helping people build confidence, live their passion while loving their work, and live authentically. Authenticity isn't just a word he throws around lightly. It's the backbone of his practice and the manner in which he personnally strives to live each and every day of his own life.

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