How To Recession-Proof Your Relationship


How To Recession-Proof Your Relationship [EXPERT]
Don't let tough economic times affect your relationship.

Though a man should regularly update his partner on his stresses, a woman still must give her partner his cave time, or alone time. Men have their mental caves with a big "do not disturb" sign hanging over its entrance. A man may retreat into his mind where he can feel in control and try to figure things out. Or, he may try to forget about his problems by watching sports, playing video games, or reading the newspaper. Why He Needs A Man Cave: 5 Factors To Consider

Like a mini-vacation, this alone time reduces his stress and restores his feelings of well-being. When a woman gives a man what he needs, it's like putting honey outside the cave, not vinegar. A man will eventually come out and be more available, caring and loving to his partner.


If your relationship is stressed, and you both find it difficult to communicate and get connected, invest in professional counseling. Unlike the stock market, counseling will consistently offer you handsome profits with dividends.

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