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"Confidence is the most intoxicating scent a woman can wear. Let me know when they make something stronger."

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Are you a woman with a certain level of style, success and sophistication who desires to naturally attract only the highest quality, financially secure men who are also loving and emotionally available? The type of Alpha male few women on the planet will ever meet, let alone inspire to pursue and commit to them.  

Yes? It sounds like you have The High Value within. The High Value Woman is a rare woman who attracts the right, high quality man because she does not follow the conventional advice most women flock to. She's donated her books on understanding men to the library. She's tired of trying to "fix" herself. She's stopped trying to remember lists of rules. She's stopped playing hard to get. She doesn't waste months (or years) of her life endlessly dating online. She doesn't chase men. She doesn't wait for them to chase her, either... And her girlfriends wonder how in the world she attracts the most amazing men on the planet -- without even trying. 

Ditch time-wasting conventional wisdom and become the most desirable, sought-after, valued and loved woman everywhere you go. Invite the pursuit of the right high-caliber man.  You have the power to bring out The High Value Woman within you today. Read my complimentary report on how you can do this and more -- naturally.

There are plenty of attractive, available, high-caliber men in every country around the world. How do I know this? I have been blessed to live internationally for over a decade, in gorgeous places like Italy, Sweden, Tunisia and France. Everywhere I go, I meet amazing men. So I know the right man for you is out there. You just need to become his magnetic match so he can find you. 

Start right now. Discover how to bring out The High Value Woman within you.

The Reason I Became A Helping Professional

While living internationally as a serial entrepreneur, I discovered ancient and modern secrets that allow successful women to enjoy a lucrative business AND a luscious love life. It is my passion and mission to share it with women on 6 continents.

Success Stories

From 17+ Years as a Teacher to Confident Int'l Entrepreneur

"I was working as an educator in the US for close to 20 years and also developing quality programs that demonstrated my talents and expertise. However, I was not getting the financial compensation I knew I deserved.

For years, I had a burning desire to work for myself and dreamed of living in Italy. After 20 years, I was ready for changes!

I was first introduced to Rhonda's work when she was living in Italy. She understood perfectly the strategies I needed in order to be successful here and internationally. After implementing her plan of action amazing things started to happen!

  • I moved to Italy and lived in Florence, Rome and Venice
  • I attracted a well-know Italian producer and released my first album
  • I get paid to perform live internationally and nationally on major TV networks
  • Wealthy couples hire me and pay me handsomely to sing at their weddings 
  • I've performed on stages across Europe with my own band and backup signers
  • I was flown internationally to perform in front of hundreds at the prestigious Boston Green Festival in the USA
  • And I even was accepted to audition for the Voice in the UK!

This is all because I began to gain more confidence... which lead to more fantastic opportunities. If you're serious about your dreams, your future, your lifestyle and your business, I urge you to invest in yourself and join Rhonda's programs. 

Rhonda, thank you! You're amazing!"

- Josie StAimee

Entrepreneur & International Recording Artist

living in Venice, Italy


She Upleveled Her Self-worth to Transform Her Net Worth

"When I met Rhonda, I was teaching a 3-hour live workshop for $47 and feeling so embarrassed, I told people they could bring a friend.

After working with Rhonda, two days later, I closed $4,000 in sales. That was two packages at $2,000 each, consisting of the same material from my $47 workshop!"

Erin Currin from Jacksonville, Florida, USA

She Discovered How Attract the Best Life Has to Offer

"Thank you Rhonda!

This has changed my whole perspective on treating myself like I want to be treated.

So simple, but life changing. Love all 5 of the characteristics.

You are awesome and I appreciate your generous service. I am keeping it brief but I could truly write a book of praise to you.


- Lori E. from Portland, Oregon, USA

From 20 Years Looking for Love to Happily Married in 12 Months

When Bo and I met, a succesful and busy dieticien, she had never been in a relationship her entire adult life. She was nervous because she was approaching 40 and really wanted to get married and become a mom.

Within 12 months of working together and using my innovative methods, she attracted several quality men to date, got engaged and married her dream guy. Here is the email she sent me (her personal information has been removed by her request to respect her privacy)

"Hi Rhonda,

Hope you are doing well. I am happily married and live in Tennessee. Thanks for encouraging me to put my profile on singles websites. I met my loving husband on the one you suggested and we've been married for almost a year now!

Thanks again for all your help!"

Bo from Tennessee, USA

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