2 Ways Beyonce & Angelina Get Great Men to Stay (Sorry Jennifer!)


2 Ways Beyonce & Angelina Get Great Men to Stay (Sorry Jennifer!)
Two things Jennifer Aniston (and you) should know about inspiring a high-caliber man to stay.

As anything else in nature, it doesn’t last. You can attract eople with your looks, but they won’t stay unless they have certain stimulation.



Still thinking, “Sounds cool, but it doesn’t apply to me"? You’re only tapping into a fraction of your powerful, magnetic presence.

What we ladies forget (or don’t even know in the first place) is that the VERY same things that make us irresistible to men can make us irresistible to people in general – everywhere we go, in everything we do.

That means more money and opportunity too.

So WHAT are the 2 things that Beyonce & Angelina?

Let’s focus on Beyonce. She’s talented, beautiful and intelligent. However, these 3 things alone cannot inspire a man to stay LONG-TERM. Talent and intelligence are admirable and two things we love ‘rationally’. Beauty is something we get used to after a while, so it just gets your stiletto in the door.

That’s all.

However, one thing that INSPIRES a high-caliber, quality man to commit long-term is…


Merriam-Webster definition of mystique (in the terms we’re discussing here) is:


noun \mi-?st?k\
1: an air or attitude of mystery and reverence developing around something or someone

Ummm, that just sounds juicy and sexy!

Do you recall a time when you were getting to know a man and you both were so excited you talked for hours for the first month or so and told each other EVERYTHING? Do you also remember how the conversation lagged or how he, you or both of you lost interest?

You didn’t have much to DISCOVER anymore. What you saw, was what you got. In other words, a boring hum-drum life and conversation ensued. I know you can’t literally tell someone every detail of your life in 30 days, but you can SHARE TOO MUCH and kill CURIOSITY.

Men are curious, they like adventure. Heck, so do we.

When I lived in Italy and France, that is one thing I admired about the women there. They didn’t let it all hang out.

MYSTIQUE is one of the attributes Beyonce has. You don’t know everything about her. She’s not on every TV show spilling her secrets. Honestly, mystique is just plain classy in a woman.

Learn to use MYSTIQUE like Beyonce – get the details here.

So what are those 3 things women like Beyonce know and practice, that most women don’t about MYSTIQUE?


1) They don’t tell their man everything.

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