How to Feel Less Annoyed In Any Confict


How to Feel Less Annoyed In Any Confict
Learn to handle whatever life throws at you, calmly.

When did you last feel annoyed?

Chances are, that feeling didn't end at age 13. It occurs as frequently over smaller issues as it does for larger issues.

Similarly, more and more adults are acknowledging work place conflicts, street harassment and conflicts with friends and family. We are often told that to be an "adult" means to dismiss these issues, although the tension often continues to build up.

Ultimately, annoyance comes about when you find yourself not able to achieve a desirable result. Too many times, we allow ourselves to dismiss our frustrations in lieu of tackling it. Overtime, dismissing, rationalizing and disengaging leads to a build up within us. This increasing our levels of stress and illness — both physical and mental. In actuality, we really need an outlet for getting out our fears and frustrations.

In general, we do not know how to handle our conflicts effectively. There is a break down in communication all over the world and everyone must be held more accountable. It is in fact why we are seeing more and more school and work place violence, shootings, homicides and suicides.

Brāv helps foster targeted communication with the source of our frustrations before it gets to that level.

Let's learn how to better cope with life — together.

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