How Do You Know If You Are Being Harassed?


How Do You Know If You Are Being Harassed?
If someone makes you uncomfortable, don't wait for problems to arise. Recognize the signs.

You know that gut feeling that tells you something isn't right? Start listening to it. Too often we dismiss our brain's way of protecting ourselves in order to remain polite, non-confrontational or for other various reasons, including fear. Ask yourself what is causing you to feel scared, angry, resentful, upset, etc. If you can pin point a particular situation, person or issue involved, you're closer than most people.

Like many things, getting harassed or bullied is subjective — based on your own point of view. Ultimately, if you feel like you're being bullied, then you are. If you don't feel good about an interaction, no matter who is involved, and yes that includes friends, family members and other trusted individuals, then you should reassess your relationships with them. You don't want to ultimately endure through weeks, months and even years of abuse, only to assess then.


In case you still might not know, common signs of being harassed or bullied include:

  • Physical trauma — bruises, cuts, bumps, etc from another that were not by accident, from a sport, and/or you did not consent to? Are they touching you, you have asked them to stop yet they continue?
  • Emotional trauma — is someone stating hurtful comments to you? Are they ignoring you? Dismissing your feelings or point of view? Shunning you from others? Spreading rumors, lies or attacking your reputation? Screaming at you?
  • Sexual trauma — Are they saying inappropriate sexual comments? Are you you getting touched inappropriately without permission?
  • Proximity — Are they too close for comfort? Are they invading your personal boundaries?
  • Online abuse — Are you getting spoken badly about online? Is your intimate information or web cam personal details getting spread to others?

Do you feel bad around another without explanation? Let's solve all of these and more.

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