Fear And Bravery Are Two Sides Of The Same Coin


Fear And Bravery Are Two Sides Of The Same Coin
Bravery, courage, fear...they all go hand in hand.

Guest Post: Meryl Sharlene Siongco

We all have experienced the feeling of being scared, right? But with that feeling comes the option of being brave.


Being brave means many things. Being brave enough to talk to that person you really like or even telling someone you love them are examples. To be brave is to also have the courage to do something that we are scared to do or scared that it might end badly.

We get negative feelings anticipating bravery and that can cause us to back out of a situation because we fear change or pain.

For example, there was a time I was really scared to go sky diving because in the beginning I was blind folded and I took off my blind fold only right before I was going to jump. When I saw how high I was from the ground it was frightening at first...but I knew I didn't want to back out from experiencing something worth remembering. As a result, I summoned the courage and I jumped off the plane, that's when being in the air, sky diving was very joyful and a wonderful experience. It was worth trying out.

Being scared equally provides us the potential to be brave and have courage. You simply never know how the situation will turn out if you don't go for it. No matter whatever situation, always have the courage and the bravery to go for it. It will change your life and make you glad you took a chance.
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