Why Successful Women Love To Date Younger Men


Dating: Why Successful Women Love Younger Men
If men mature at 43 and women at 32, why do successful women date younger men? Here are 5 reasons.

4. She hasn't yet fully matured. It is quite possible that because of the focus she has placed on her career, she hasn't taken the time to resolve any underlying emotional issues. With this, she may still be trying to figure out what she needs and wants in a partner, and how relationships are supposed to be. She may be less attracted to men who seem settled in this regard, and more attracted to men who are trying to figure it out as well.

5. She wants a younger father for her children. Women who focus on their careers may put off parenthood until the clock starts ticking. And at that point, they are likely very conscious of whom they would consider to be the father of their children. To put it simply, they are doing the math. And they are rounding up. "If he's 45 now, by the time we have kids he'll be almost 50. So by the time the kids are in college, he'll be about 70." If she's barely comfortable with her own age as it relates to parenthood, she's not going to be comfortable choosing a partner who is even older.


I always say "to each her own" when it comes to choosing partners. But it never hurts to have a little insight so that we can be supportive of the choices of our friends.

@RebeccaAMarquis is the author of How To Be A Good Boyfriend: 34 Ways To Keep Her From Getting Annoying, Jealous or Crazy, and offers dating humor and advice on her new Facebook page: facebook.com/RebeccaAMarquis.

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