5 Questions NOT To Ask Her On A First Date


5 Questions NOT To Ask Her On A First Date
Don’t ruin your chances of a second date by asking these 5 questions!

4. Just to be safe, don’t ask anything about her former boyfriends or relationships. Not “How long was your longest relationship?” or “Have you ever dated a younger guy?” It’s not the time to ask anything about any other guys. Give her a chance to feel comfortable with you (at least a few dates) before asking about her past relationships. 3 Essential Online Dating Etiquette Tips [EXPERT]

5. Don’t ask where she went to college or what her parents do for a living. These kinds of questions will come across as interview-type questions, ones on which you’re going to judge her. If you were an Ivy Leaguer or went to an otherwise highly regarded, expensive university, asking where she went to school may sound like you’re trying to see if she measures up. And does it matter what her parents do for work? No, it doesn’t. You don’t know anything about the relationship she has with them, anyway.


If you’d like the option of having a second date with her, you can’t ask questions that may make her uncomfortable. Steering clear of these five will only improve your chances of scoring that second date!

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